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India, 2005 India, 2005 Mahabalipuram, Mamallapuram, and Mamalla are 3 names by which this coastal fishing village, on the Indian Ocean, in Tamil Nadu, are known. My first visit to Mamalla was in 2000. In 2004 I returned to spend time with the under-privilidged children, and not long after was compelled to return again, shortly after the Tsunami devastated much of the southeastern coast if India. 189480817 Tsunami! This is the actual wave hitting Mamalla. 189483468 189483463 "Bones of Boats" The village relies on fishing. These are the ripped-apart remains of the Fishermen's simple boats. Not only were their boats destroyed, new restrictions were placed upon the industry, after generations of fishing in the same tradition. 189480822 Fishermen's Yoga Anger, depression, and alcohol-abuse were some of the results of the tsunami's destruction. I offered the fishermen twice-daily yoga classes on the beachn at sunrise and sunset. Two students faithfully came and before long there would be 15-20 showing up! 189480820 189483465 189483469 189483460 189483461 A boat named after me! In gratitude, Arani named his newly-donated, more modern boat after me! 189480818 189480819 189483467 189482020 Nadi-Shodhana Alternate-nostril-breathing is a very effective pranayama (breathing exercise) for reducing stress and quieting the mind. 189480821 Shavasana "Shavasana" is the relaxation pose. ALL my yoga classes finish with a deep surrender. It is an essential part of one's yoga practice. 189483462 Class photo This was my last day in Mamalla. I will never forget my times there and continue to correspond with Arani as well others I met and befriended there. 189480824 Coastal villages destroyed. One of my projects during my post-tsunami stay in Mamalla was to get a large portion of the devastated seaside village cleaned up so that new building could begin. 189480825 189480823 189481697 In one day With a small amount of donated funds I hired a group of men and a "lorri" (truck) to clean up and haul out a massive amount of debris. Fleas, roaches and other scavengers had to find a new place to go and the villagers could begin re-building. 189481698 189481699 Temporary housing Along the coastal highway, temporary villages like these were erected. I was impressed by the people's resilience as well as the massive amount of support shown by others like myself who came to help however they coul after the tsunami. 189481700 More temporary housing These ones were like tin cans! Imagine staying in one of these in 140-degree heat! 189483464 Indian Ocean 189481701 Time well spent In 2005 I was priviledged to share time with these special friends in Tamil Nadu, India. 189480196 189480197 189481696 Local street kids, outside my lodging house. Impromptu English and Yoga classes were common. I could barely walk a block without hearing, "Coco!" and before I knew it would be the center of a crowd of new friends! 189480198 189483470 189480826 189482021 189482022 Time for a massage! The older girls have so many demands placed on them. They were always so grateful for my help with washing and cooking. I would braid their hair, give them a massage and try to relieve them for a bit! 189482023 Mahabalipuram Gorgeous, ancient temples like this one managed to survive the tsunami! 189483466